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Pico-Gro has been supplying quality plants to the farmers of South Africa since 1995. From our humble beginning, we have grown into a strong and viable enterprise.

Our premises in Midrand, 15 minutes from Johannesburg International Airport, consists of a propagation nursery where vegetative cuttings of a variety of essential oil producing plants are rooted. These organically certified rooted cuttings are packed and shipped to destinations all over South Africa, as well as to countries further northwards, including Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Ethiopia and beyond.

Mother beds, established for the purpose of gathering information on growing these varieties in South African climatic conditions, also grace our lovely nursery. These beds serve as source for material to be used in the production of plants. Clients interested in starting essential oil farms are welcome to visit us to see these experimental beds in production.

Lavender Mother Beds
Lavender Mother Beds

Essential oil farming is a relatively new enterprise in South Africa. Pico-Gro supplies growing instructions and advice to new farmers, eager to enter into this exciting new farming arena.

Pico-Gro is also actively engaged in experimental work with new varieties. Plant material is sourced all over the world and brought to South Africa to investigate the viability of producing these crops in South Africa in years to come.

Please note that this website is still under construction. If you require any information that is not available yet, please e-mail us or contact us on (011) 314-1029. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Product News
Our new product range and trade mark, Erika-EssentialsTM, will be launched shortly! Watch this space for more details!

Female Farmer of the Year

The Female Farmer of the Year Project is a national project, initiated during 1999, to honour and incentivise female farmers. Erika Oberholzer scooped the Award for Top Producer for the Export Market category.

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